Ashurst Lake and Forked Pine Campgrounds

Ashurst Lake Campground
Ashurst Lake Campground

Ashurst Lake is comprised of two separate campgrounds with one host. Situated on both the west and east sides of the lake, there are 25 campsites at each campground. At the western campground (Ashurst Lake), Juniper and Pinyon provide a little shade and are more dense than Forked Pine Campground on the opposite side of the lake.

Forked Pine Campground offers better views of the San Francisco Peaks, the tallest mountain in Arizona at 12,643 feet.

The camp hosts generally leave the area during the winter months (early October) but you may still use the campsites year round.  Bring water and make sure you pack out what you pack in. The restrooms will not be open when the camp hosts leave.


Fishing at Ashurst Lake is fair with Northern Pike and stocked Rainbow Trout. Make sure you bring steel leaders for the Northern Pike which will cut your line with their sharp teeth. Muddy waters makes for slow fly fishing, but bait fishing can reward you with large Northern Pike. I have had numerous fisherman at Ashurst tell me that corn soaked in minced garlic works wonder to land a fish.


There is a very nice off-road area just past the turnoff to Ashurst Lake off of Lake Mary Road. Once you get to the turnoff for Ashurst Lake, drive up through the couple uphill turns and take your first left on to a dirt road. About a 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile back is an area cleared out and ready to ride some jumps. (look at the white area on the map below northwest of the campgrounds). There are also numerous dirt roads leading off in the area that beg to be explored.


Ashurst Lake sits at the top of a ridge and the winds can get pretty strong up here. Windsurfing is definitely a go here and the lake is large enough to have quite a few people enjoying the breeze.

Wildlife Viewing

Ashurst Lake is a great place to get in touch with nature.  Keep an eye out for white-faced Ibises in the shallows along with the cinnamon teal, pintails and other ducks. Bald eagles and osprey can also be seen in the area, along with a number of species of hawks and songbirds.


From Flagstaff travel south 2 miles to Lake Mary Road then head east approx. 24 miles to FR 82E. Take FR 82E north 4 miles to Lake Ashurst.

General Notes:

FYI: When these campgrounds are “closed” and there is no host, the public may still use them, providing the road is open. However, drinking water will not be available, and all toilets will be boarded up except for the one closest to the main boat launch, which will be maintained by employees and volunteers. As always, camping around Ashurst Lake is only permitted in designated sites and nowhere else for a one-mile radius around each of the campgrounds.

Attractions: Fishing, windsurfing, sightseeing, wildlife watching (waterfowl, raptors)

Facilities: 25 singles unit sites (Ashurst), 25 sites (Forked Pine), tables, fire rings, and cooking grills, drinking water, toilets (vault and compost type). Forked Pine toilets are barrier free. Boat ramp is located on the lake’s west side.


  • Tents and motor homes and trailers up to 35 feet are permitted at both campgrounds.
  • No utility hookups.
  • Pets must always be restrained or on a leash.
  • No horses allowed in the campground.
  • Motorbikes may only be used for entering or leaving campsite.
  • 14 day stay limit.