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Havasu Falls | Camp Arizona

Havasupai Campground isn’t for the average camper. You have got to want to go there. And it’s a hike! Easier than the trails into the grand canyon, Havasupai is an 11 mile hike from the trailhead to some of the most impressive series of waterfalls in the United States. There are four large waterfalls in Havasu Canyon beginning with Fifty-foot Falls just 1 mile north of the town of Supai. Next is Navajo Falls 1/2 mile father into the canyon. Following Navajo is Havasu Falls, the most famous of the falls. And last, is Mooney Falls and at just less than 200 feet, it exceeds Niagara falls in height. Some of the falls have changed place and names since the floods from the late 2000’s

In order to camp at Havasu Falls, reservations are required. During the busy season (April – May, Sept. – Oct.) Reservations begin at 8:00 a.m. on February 1st and can be purchased online.  Check out this article about getting a reservation at Havasupai Campground

The climate in April is cool nights, warm days. May brings warmer temperatures. July through September will be hot, hot, hot! Plus you have to watch out for flash floods during monson season (July and August). Late September it starts to cool off at nights and October is pretty much nice all month.

The town of Supai has a general store, post office (The only post office in the United Stated that still uses horses to deliver the mail, and each piece of mail gets stamped with a special postmark to this effect), Helicopter services, a small cafe and a two story hotel.

For helicopter info check out this article about getting a reservations at Havasupai Campground. You can ask to have your backpacks flown in for an additions charge.  You might want to do that on the trip back up the hill.

General Notes

Elevation: 2750′